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Startup company entrepreneur, former VC, husband and father of 5


I am a founder of Analyte Health. We create and operate online medical clinics.

Prior to Analyte, I was an entrepreneur and venture capital investment professional with a track record of significant value creation investing in and operating early and expansion stage web-based businesses, with particular emphasis on the online marketing services and online consumer services sectors. I was a co-founder of two companies in the 1990's, one of which generated a 7X gain to its investors. I have been an investor and/or active advisory board member in ten private companies, including Sina (Nasdaq: SINA), comScore (Nasdaq: SCOR), Feedburner (Nasdaq: GOOG, via acquisition), TicketsNow (Nasdaq: IACI, via acquisition) and iXL (Nasdaq: MSFT, via acquisition). Eight of the ten companies have generated positive realized returns for its investors, with the last two companies still private.

Since 1992, I have occupied each of the four principal positions in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, in order: 1) a bootstrapped founding entrepreneur, 2) a professional venture capitalist, 3) a full-time angel investor and 4) now currently a VC-backed founding entrepreneur.

As a professional venture capitalist at Flatiron Partners, my portfolio accounted for the investment of $71 million into private companies, which generated 5.8X multiple returned and a 145% annual internal rate of return. As a full-time angel investor managing an ad hoc fund that included outside capital sources, I created a portfolio whose average company generated 11.3X multiple returned and a 125% annual internal rate of return.

I received a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University in 1988 and a Masters of Management from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in 1993. I'm an alumni of the Kauffman Fellows Program (Class 4) at the Center for Venture Education. I live in Chicago, IL, with my wife and five young children. I enjoy coaching my kids in various sports leagues and enjoy most sports as a participant or spectator, as well as losing myself in high-quality movies, TV, live theater and music.